Talk: Building Docs like Code: Continuous Integration for Documentation

This talk discusses why developers dislike writing documentation, what we can do to address this, and provides a ready to go pipeline for automating your documtation

Blog: Year-of-the-Linux-Desktop.exe

After decades of trying to ignore or straight up bashing Linux, Microsoft has finally embraced the loveable penguin. So much so that it ships a Linux kernel on your Windows OS by default! What does this mean for the sake of development? Is it finally the year of the Linux desktop?

Blog: New Website!

Every few years I grow tired of my website and build a new one. More often than not, it is actually me trying to simplify something that I made more complicated than it needed to be. After listening to friends and co-workers, I'm finally making the jump to static sites.

Project: UnlockedEdu

UnlockedEdu is an Open Source project dedicated providing educational resources to educators, free of charge. At this time we plan on providing Open Source text books, curriculums, worksheets, and presentations for Computer Science Courses.

YouTube: Revival of My YouTube Channel

After a almost two year hiatus, I'm getting the band back together (the single man me band). Changing from BSD Synergy to a more multipurpose channel.

Blog: Simplify Your Python Developer Environment

Using `pyenv` with `pipenv` to seamlessly manage multiple environments and `pipx` for my installed executables gives me a Python setup that's a pleasure to work with. You should use them.

Project: Giles

Giles is Python based ILS (Integrated Library System) focused around personal home libraries.

Talk: pfSense - A Beginner's Guide to a Sensible Firewall

This talk was given at Texas Linux Fest 2016. Co-founder of pfSense Chris Buechler was present in the audience. No pressure.