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Public speaking is something I'm very passionate about. I love being able to share my experience, opinions, and knowledge with people. I love to travel so speaking at conferences is a good reason for me to travel.

You can find my talks of all types (conferences, webinars, university talks) and corresponding resources below.

DigitalOcean Tech Talks

During my time at DigitalOcean I presented multiple Tech Talks live for the community. This is the comprehensive list of talks I gave

There's a Snake in the Birdhouse! Building a Python Culture at Vrbo

We all love Python, but not everyone is fortunate enough to use it at their day job. Come and listen as I detail the journey I took to establish Python as an onroad option at my company. Viewers will leave having learned from my experiences—both successes and mistakes—and with a solid plan for implementing Python at their job.