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pfSense - A Beginner's Guide to a Sensible Firewall

This talk was given at Texas Linux Fest 2016. Co-founder of pfSense Chris Buechler was present in the audience. No pressure.

Tired of your home router's UI? Wish you could have more control over everything in your network? Looking to replace enterprise routers with something OpenSource and easy to use? This session is a dive into the vast world of pfSense and the features it provides. In a world where security is becoming more complex, we need a simple, sensible tool to help keep us secure.

pfSense is an Open Source Firewall built on FreeBSD and their port of the OpenBSD pf (packet filter) firewall. With a quick setup and an extremely well designed web UI deploying industry firewalls has never been easier. I will go over a little bit of the history/design of pfSense, discuss some of the key features, and demonstrate standing up a basic pfSense VM and routing other VM traffic through it. (It's so easy I can do it in about 5-8 minutes).

Presentation Slides